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Young Living is a Multi-Level Marketing business.  Some people are uncomfortable with MLM’s, and I understand that feeling.  Here’s why I decided to sign up with YL…


No Herbicides/Pesticides

When you’re going to use an essential oil to switch out toxic cleaning supplies or body products, you want those oils to be from plants that were grown without herbicides or pesticides.  Essential oils are highly concentrated, and any herbicide or pesticide residue will remain with the oil, and also be concentrated.  Companies don’t have to tell you whether or not the plants they use have been grown without these chemicals.

No Chemical Extraction

Also, it’s a MUST that the oils not be extracted with organic solvents like hexane.  Using organic  solvents increases the amount of essential oil that can be extracted from the plant, and decreases the amount of work involved in the process.  This results in greater quantities of cheaply produced oils.  Good essential oils are not cheap.  If you can buy it cheaply at the grocery store, you should be wary of the quality.

Good Quality Control

Quality control is important when any company makes a product.  For a company to be able to guarantee the quality of the end product, they have to be assured by suppliers of their raw materials, or they need to produce their own raw materials.  In the essential oil world, a company can use hundreds of backyard growers, and that’s really sweet, but they can’t guarantee that no pesticides or herbicides were drifted from the neighbor’s yard onto those raw materials.

A good company will also distill their own oils–not just buy in bulk and re-package with their own label on the bottle.


Any farmer that wants to sell you something, will allow you onto his/her farm to see the process.  A good essential oil company that grows it’s own plants, will allow you to visit the farm.

Signing Up

These were the things that I was looking for when I signed up with Young Living.  They are NOT the only good essential oil company, but they checked all the boxes for me.

I have also found wonderful cleaning and body products that I use on a daily basis, and I will share that information with you.

Whatever company you decide to go with, big or small, do your due diligence in researching the company and their process.

For more information on sign-up options, please see this post.

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