Keto Challenge

The 30-Day Whole Food Keto Diet Challenge

Take the 30-day Whole Food Keto Challenge!

Keto is a powerful tool to learn how to eat the whole food diet your body is designed for, while reversing the metabolic dysfunction and insulin resistance that causes inflammation and lifestyle disease.

The diseases that are plaguing American society are not inevitable and are largely NOT genetic as so many think!

A ketogenic diet will help you to feel better and have energy to do the things you were created to do.

Here’s what you get:

  • Two 30-minute Facetime coaching session (you’ll need an Apple device)
  • The nuts and bolts of how to get into Ketosis
  • How to track your nutrient intake
  • How monitor ketone bodies for successful weight loss and maximum anti-inflammatory action on your body
  • Daily guide and weekly “What to Expect”
  • Dealing with so-called “keto side effects”
  • Shopping lists
  • Tips and tricks
  • Unlimited email communication to give you support for your personal situation
  • Membership for women in our private Facebook group for weight loss and hormone balance: Healthy Living
  • and much more…

Click on the image or the “Buy Now” button to make a one time Pay Pal purchase of $50 for your downloadable digital PDF guide that will help you to lose weight, balance hormones, get rid of sugar cravings, and decrease your risk of all lifestyle diseases!

Although I am a pharmacist, I am not your pharmacist.  Please consult your own healthcare practitioner about your specific health needs.  In purchasing this ebook, you agree to consult with your healthcare provider about whether or not a Whole Food Keto Diet is the right diet for you.


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