Decrease Your Risk of Disease with Essential Oils


One of the most powerful ways to use essential oils, is in the process of switching out house cleaning products and body products to essential oil infused products that you can make yourself, or buy if you choose.

Why would we want to do this? Because in order to decrease your risk of disease, you must stop exposing your body to chemicals that are potentially harmful. While nutrition is the foundational change that MUST happen to prevent, slow, or even reverse many health concerns, poor nutritional choice is not the only cause of disease–especially for women who tend to have more chemical exposure from make-up, lotions, and fragrances, and who are also, generally, the main caretakers of the home, so also get chemical exposure from cleaning products.

Let’s look at all the ways that essential oils can help us: keeping the house clean, keeping our bodies clean, and supporting our bodies during times of minor illness like coughs and colds.

Most of the information I share, you will be able to use with ANY brand of essential oil.

For full disclosure, I am a Young Living member, and there will be times that I share about the products I use. I’ll discuss what to look for in a company and why I chose Young Living.

Let’s learn how to essential oils–one powerful drop at a time!


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