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A Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss and Hormone Balance In Menopause

Is a ketogenic diet for weight loss in menopause possible?

Effective and permanent weight loss is a mystery to most of us.

Increasing age make the struggle all the harder.

Most women are overweight when they go into menopause.  The tendency is to gain another 10 to 20 pounds after menopause.

And that extra weight causes hormone changes which cause inflammation which increases our risk for disease.

In women, the imbalance in weight gain/loss hormones (insulin/glucagon), causes an imbalance in: sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone), stress hormones, and thyroid hormones, to name a few.

The Good News

A ketogenic diet is a powerful tool for hormone balance and weight loss at every age!

It’s ESPECIALLY POWERFUL during our peri-menopausal and menopausal years when those hormone changes wreak havoc on our weight and health.

Getting your weight under control begins with understanding how our bodies were designed to either store or lose fat.

When we bring insulin and glucagon into balance, we lose weight and we balance other hormone systems, too.

Where to Begin

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  2. Read about my own health challenges and keto testimony:  A Pharmacist Discovers True Health.
  3. Learn how too much insulin causes weight gain and hormone imbalance and how a ketogenic diet brings those under control:  Ketogenic Diets: Healthy or Harmful
  4. Learn which foods cause insulin to increase and how to eliminate those foods in exchange for nutrient dense foods that won’t cause insulin to spike:  Good Carb, Bad Carb In a Ketogenic Diet.
  5. Learn which healing and health promoting fats you MUST add to your diet in order for hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and cortisol to remain at healthy levels:  Good Fat, Bad Fat in a Ketogenic Diet.
  6. Learn which animal and plant proteins to add to your keto diet:  Good Protein, Bad Protein in a Keto Diet.
  7. Take The 30-Day Whole Food Keto Challenge and feel better than you did in your 30’s and 40’s!  Just one month to better health, more energy, and disease reversal with real, whole, nutritious foods.  Purchase the Whole Food Keto Challenge ebook and get two 30-minute coaching sessions from me to help you along the way.

So, yes!  A ketogenic diet will cause weight loss and help with hormone balance in menopause and every season of a woman’s life!

One last thought–Not everyone needs or wants a strict keto diet.  That’s ok.  If that’s you, we can talk about how to make healthy changes to your diet without worrying about monitoring for ketosis.  Let me show you how to make those changes toward a whole food diet that will increase your health and decrease your risk of disease.  Just purchase the Whole Food Keto Challenge ebook and you’ll get two 30-minute coaching sessions from me.

If you ever have questions or get stuck, I’m just an email away: beth@DecreaseYourRisk.com


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